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April 23, 2014
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April 23, 2014

British Possessions in the Mediterranean, 1851


Gibraltar, Malta, Gozo, Corfu, Paxo, Cerigo, Zante, Cephalonia, Ithaca and Maura.

Today part of Malta, Greece, and of course Gibraltar is still a British possession.

The Brits later acquired Cyprus (parts of which they retain to this day, largely without controversy), Egypt and Palestine. They previously held Minorca (in the present day in the Balaeric Islands autonomous community of Spain) through much of the 18th century.

I find it interesting that all their European possessions since the fall of Calais in 1558 (which was pre-British unification never mind the empire) were in the Med- a testament to their great naval strength I imagine.

April 23, 2014
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April 22, 2014

You may have seen our previous map looking at the Largest Universities by Enrollment of Each State, we’re back at it with another one looking at the Highest Graduation Rate in each state. As the end of the school year approaches and graduation gowns are fitted, we look at which schools boast the highest likelihood of getting you across the stage with a diploma. For the sake of argument, we decided to only look at schools offering 4-year degrees with housing. Our goal was to look at those schools offering a more traditional college experience. We are dedicated to inspiring and informing students with comprehensive online tools and college information, leading us to make this informative graphic.

April 22, 2014
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April 22, 2014
14 Awe-Inspiring Aerial Photographs Capture the Beauty of the Earth
April 21, 2014

Map of Spain’s unemployment evolution



Cadiz & Gipuzkoa:

Provinces with the worst and the best behaviour in the crisis

Cadiz: over 40% of unemployment Gipuzkoa: arround 13 % of unemployment.


  • Lleida features full employment with 3.1% unemployment.

  • Andalusia and Canary Islands had the highest unemployment rates.

  • 8.6% unemployment in Spain


  • September: Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy.
  • The number of jobless grew in 1,280,000 in a year.
  • The Galician provinces of Lugo y Coruña had the lowest growth, Lleida ended with an 8.7%
  • 13.91% unemployment in Spain


  • The unemployment becomes a national problem. The Spanish government launches the Plan E in May of 2009
  • 1,180,000 more jobless
  • Dramatic unemployment spreads all over Spain. Soria multiplied its unemployment by 2.2. Some provinces like Almeria, Soria and Salamanca saw small interanual falls in unemployment.
  • 18.83% unemployment in Spain


  • First labour market reform in September.
  • 370,000 more jobless.
  • Huelva, Malaga y Las Palmas have over 30% of unemployment.
  • Only Gipuzkoa has less than 10% of unemployment(7.8%)
  • 20.33% unemployment in Spain


  • The expansive policies have ended.
  • Andalusia and Canary Islands have over 30% of unemployment.
  • Basque Country resist around 10%.
  • 22.85% unemployment in Spain

  • Spain elects a new government(that took office the 20th of December)


  • Cadiz has over 40% of unemployment. Other 5 Andalusian provinces over 35%(the legend says 6 but it’s wrong)
  • 26.02% unemployment in Spain

It doesn’t give more context for this year, but 2012 saw the rise of the sales tax to 21% from 18% a labour market reform, bank bailouts, income tax raises. education and health care cuts and other stuff


  • 26.03% unemployment in Spain

As context: Not a lot happened this year in economy, the city hall of Madrid had to get a second bailout, some regions asked form emergency funds, weird/corrupt retroactive reforms in the energy sector…

April 21, 2014
Aerial views of the uneasy geometries of urban sprawl by Christoph Gielen
April 19, 2014